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Special Hummel Figurines

Special Hummel Figurines

I find old Hummel figurines at art auctions all the juncture. Iíve been collecting them for my mother and her familiar for a long time. They donít have the time to go to art auctions, but they have the money to buy nice figurines.

The Apple Tree Boy Hummel figurine I found for my aunt last year was whence cute. I attended an art auction about an hour double time from my house further they had lots of decorative collectibles. I was able to find several items for my mother and also for my father.

My mother and her sister both want to have an Umbrella Boy Hummel figurine. I have only been capable to find one at all of the art auctions Iíve attended. They headway the piece equally while Iím looking for a second piece.

The whimsical Hummel figurine called Pleasant Journey is so cute. It was the first Hummel that mother again my aunt ever received. The scene is of two children pulling a third child in a wagon. My grandmother found it at an art auction and it reminded her of her children. She gave it to her two daughters on their shared birthday.

My dad sings in a barbershop quartet. My mother asked me to find an appropriate Hummel figurine at one of the art auctions I be present to give to him for his birthday. I actually was unable to find just the right item for over a continuance.

My mother was provoked when I found the Harmony in Four Parts Hummel figurine at an art auction in our hometown. She presented it to him on his birthday and he really liked it. I think she may have liked it more, but that is okay with him. He has always been very supportive of my motherís collecting.

My mother gave my son a Hummel figurine when he graduated from high school. I thought it was an odd gift to give a kid that had never expressed any interest in collecting them. She did choose a nice piece from her pack that I had purchased for her several years ago at an art auction. She gave him the Hummel figurine Little Fiddler because he plays the violin.

When my aunt went on a cruise, I decided to good buy her a nautical Hummel figurine. I had to attend four art auctions before I found one. I ended up purchasing the Hummel figurine called Land in Sight. She loved it.

Hummel figurine Letís Broadcast The Creation was a special piece. Unaffected is really pretty and embodied depicts three children lusty a bell. My cousin has been going with me to art auctions looking for it. Broad thinks that we need to give it to our mothers to share like they do the Umbrella Boy.

I donít usually collect Hummel figurines. I leave that to my mother again my aunt. The solo exception to this is the ďCan I Play? Ē Hummel figurine. I found heartfelt at an art auction again it reminded me of playing at my grandmotherís residence when I was a child with my brother and my cousin.

The most expensive Hummel figurine that Iíve found at an art auction in the last couple of years was a vintage piece called School Girls. I got into a bidding frenzy with another collector and concluded up spending a thousand dollars. The piece was celebrated with a party at my auntís digs.




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