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Collecting Enesco

Collecting Enesco

My friends and I have been collecting Enesco for several years. We actively attend art auctions and bid on everything Enesco! We have a lot of fun finding pieces we donít already have and winning them.

I think collecting Enesco is fun. I really like the Mary Moo Moo plates. They came in a collection of eight plates from a series called Home is Where the Herd is. Iíve had a hard time finding a unabridged pass on at an art auction, but I have found several single plates.

I started collecting Enesco right after I was married. I went to an art auction with my sister - in - law further she pointed external some items that she was collecting. The inwardness I had with her that day really made an impression on me.

I went to an art auction unalike months after the first one I attended and bought my first piece of Enesco. I got my start collecting Enesco with just one plate. I bought an Enesco plate that said Cookies are for Sharing. I have displayed it in my kitchen ever since.

I am harmonious lacking an Enesco plate that says Cream of the Crop. It is hard to believe that Iíve been actively collecting Enesco for whence long and have been unable to locate this plate. I have duplicates and triplicates of several of the plates. Each art auction I attend, I am hopeful that I will find the plate I need to complete that set.

My best friend has been collecting Enesco ever since she had a baby a few years ago. She decided on a teddy bear design for the nursery again I gave her a shower gift of several Cherished Teddies figurines for decorating with. Woman found added of the figurines at an art auction she went to with me and has been unstoppable ever as.

Precious Moments figurines have never been something that I particularly liked. My friendís daughter loves them. She present-day collecting Enesco Congenial Moments figurines after we took her with us to an art auction that had a small lot of them. She spends significantly less on her collection than the rest of us do, but I think sheíll catch up.

My husbandís birthday is on Halloween. He has started collecting Enesco Halloween statues. I bought him solo statue at an art auction several years for his birthday and he totally fell in taste with the work of Jim Shore.

The leading Enesco image that my husband found for himself was at an art auction we attended together while on vacation. He found the spitting image called Grim Reaper absolutely irresistible. I have to agree, the detail work is indeed spooky! He has been searching for other pieces, but does not pursue collecting Enesco very actively.

My husband went golfing last weekend while I attended an art auction. Collecting Enesco is my rapture and I rarely pass up items that I really like. I found a piece for me that added to my Moo Moo plate collection and I found a Headless Horseman for my husbandís collection.

The next piece that my husband has indicated that he wants to find at an art auction is the Jim Shore nymph called Witch on a Pumpkin. I know that collecting Enesco can be addictive and it is nice that he has decided which pieces he really wants. I agree hole up my husband and really like the folk art that Jim Shore does.




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