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Looking For Collectible Postcards

Looking for Collectible Postcards

Iíve found that the prime place to find collectible postcards is at art auctions. I was at an art auction in Eastlake, Ohio looking for stained glass and found them auctioning a lot of vintage collectible postcards. I bought the lot at the art auction and it contained almost three thousand beautiful collectible postcards.

About thirty percent of the collectible postcards were pre - linen. These are postcards that were all made before 1930. The linen collectible postcards were unreal from 1930 to 1945 again the lot I won at the art auction had thirty percent linen cards as well.

Forty percent of the lot I won at the art auction was for early chrome collectible postcards. Most of them were from the fifties and sixties. There were also collectible postcards from the British museum series from the seventies.

The collectible postcards that are my favorite are all turn of the century and were sent for holidays. Valentineís Day collectible postcards from the early 1900s are authentic liking. The Christmas postcards have some really nice artwork. I was fully fortunate with the purchase at the art auction because the assortment was so varied.

My collection of collectible postcards contains many different themes. I like the non - US card. I found an art auction that had a shoebox full of these postcards and they were from places like Bermuda, Zurich, Rio de Janeiro, Dresden, Germany, Ireland and even Istanbul. I had never owned a collectible postcard from Niger before that art auction.

People who do not collect vintage collectible postcards just donít understand their amount. They are usually not even mentioned as being part of an art auction. I go to art auctions every other weekend on the dump chance that there will be collectible postcards on the auction block.

I am always so pleased when I find linen ere collectible postcards at an art auction. The auctioneer at most art auctions does not even announce the lot since linen postcards; he usually just announces it as vintage or old collectible postcards. His lack of knowledge of the subject almost always works to my advantage.

I have various collections of collectible postcards within the main collection. I tried for awhile to complete a buy of state views in all linen era postcards. I canít even count how many art auctions I attended before I even had thirty of the forty eight states. I know that I finally tired of the pursuit and have just put it on the lug burner.

The holiday collectible postcards go to collectors of more than just postcards. Iíve seen people buy holiday collectible postcards at an art auction just to frame and cover with them during certain holidays. I actually found five really nice vintage Christmas collectible postcards at an art auction and had them framed for my mother as a Christmas write-off.

I went to an art auction and estate sale of a man whose grandfather had been a colonel army officer. The collectible postcards that I found there were fantastic. The officer had amassed 353 different postcards from India. It was amazing. They had been tucked into an album and never used and were in perfect affection.

For awhile, I thought that I wanted to collect postcards from soldiers in WWI. I found a two hundred piece lot of this emotions of collectible postcards at an art auction in New Sanctum. The mix of cards was British, French and German. It was interesting because some of the collectible postcards were censored. Iíve never seen censored collectible postcards before.

The most Iíve ever spent on collectible postcards at an art auction was $530 for four postcards. They were all from 1904 and they depicted automobile racing. They were in pristine condition. I distrust that I will ever find any more even remotely like this the rest of my life. They were more valuable.

The lot of collectible postcards I found last weekend was really fun to look through. The art auction had a lot of things from a family that had emigrated here from Serbia. The postcards were all from either Serbia or Belgrade. This was a spanking lot and it went for the opening bid.




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