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Quilts From Art Auctions

Quilts from Art Auctions

Iíve been traveling throughout California attending art auctions looking for unique quilts. I have had a lot of success. I retain found so many quilts that you could tell were filled with thousands of hours of careful planning besides tapestry.

I was attending at art auction in Orange and found a wonderful quilt. The quilt was from the Civil War era and was made in the design of Blazing Stars. There was a wonderful appliqued maroon and green swag - like border. The center of the quilt has a feathered heart hand quilted.

The art auction that I went to in San Bruno had a dynamite quilt that was make-believe in the 1860s. The quilt was hand appliqued using cheddar, red further green cotton solid fabrics. The background was white again the border has a meandering flowering vine. It was truly special.

I settle a great quilt that was made in 1894 while I was at an art auction in Rancho Cucamonga. The style of the quilt was really fun. It was called a Victorian Crazy Quilt. There was so much elaborate hand embroidery over every seam and within the blocks, it was magnificent.

I was on vacation in Napa and attended an art auction that had several really nice quilts. The lone that I won was untrue in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was completed in the 1870s. I like the design called Ocean Waves. The circle had earth green and chocolate brown triangles that were pieced with awfully fine skill and rectness. The border and background color was warm, cadmium orange.

The quilt I found at an art auction in Paradise was an 1840's thin, cotton Quaker quilt, which measures 108 " x 88 " and had 10 stitches per inch. It was a Quaker cotton wedding quilt. The top border, near the pillows, had a blue print and each side and the bottom had wide borders with North Carolina Quilt blocks in each corner. There were two rows of North Carolina Lilies in the hub, and one row on each side facing outward.

The quilt made its way into the art auction because someone made the decision to sell some of the great historic heirlooms that were passed down through her family to her. I was very fortunate to acquire this heirloom that had passed through the many generations of Quaker families. Now I own one of the great Pennsylvania Quaker masterpieces.

Log cabin quilts are a design that I have always liked. My grandmother made a quilt using this design for me when I was twelve. I found one fabricated in a similar fashion at an art auction Los Gatos. The quilt was made in the 1870s further was made by Mennonites.

I was lucky to find the art auction, it was difficult to find. The quilt is just unreasonable. The light and dark design of this quilt has a red center on one side with two green bars, two cinnamon bars and two blue bars and then two cherry bars and on the other meed of the red square in the center are two yellows, two black and white stripe, two lovely Lancaster blue bars, and two peppermint stripe bars.

There was an art auction in Huntington Beach that advertised quilts and I was really happy with the pieces that I establish know stuff. The quilt that I bought had a pictorial motif, alike an album quilt, with a lot of interesting designs. Each block was quite different and special.




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