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Christie’s in Amsterdam

There are so many good lots up for auction this summer at Christie’s in Amsterdam. There is a lot by Petrus Paulus Schiedges called Weekend on open water that is oil on panel. This is supposed to make over for more than two thousand euros.

There is another lot up for auction at Christie’s that is of a busy canal near a Dutch apartment. It was painted by Joseph Bles. Joseph Bles was Dutch and he signed his painting “J Bles”. This painting should go for about fifteen hundred euros.

Albertus Verhoesen was Dutch and he painted a captivating painting called Cattle in a Sunny Enclosure. The painting was created in 1845. It is up for auction in Amsterdam at Christie’s this summer. This painting will sell for more than twelve hundred euros.

Louis Smets was a 19th century Belgian. His delineation of a horse - drawn - sled on a frozen waterway is up for auction this summer at Christie’s in Amsterdam. It is possible that this painting could fetch six thousand euros.

There is a nice painting by German Johann Erdmann Gottlieb called The Runaway Carriage that is dated 1844. It is one of the lots up for sale at Christie’s in Amsterdam. This is a rather large painting at 59. 5 x 89 cm. The auction house thinks that it could sell for as much as five thousand euros.

The most expensive painting up for auction at Christie’s in Amsterdam this summer is called Setting Out. Setting Out was painted in the nineteenth century by Abraham Hulk. The painting is oil on canvas and it is estimated to sell for up to twenty thousand euros.

All of the top five paintings at the summer auction at Christie’s in Amsterdam were painted by Dutch painters. I think that I corresponding the Jan Cossaar painting depicting playing in the snow after school more suitable than I like the painting entitled Bollenveld by Anton Dircks. They look like they will sell for uniform prices.

The oil painting of a lake in a panoramic Alpine landscape by Swiss artist Jacob Joseph Zelger is very large and very beautiful. I liked the allurement that he used for his creation. Christie’s estimates that this painting will sell for five to seven thousand euros.

There were less than twenty lots that Christie’s estimates will auction for less than a thousand euros. I found one of the most inexpensive paintings listed in the catalogue to be that of a forfeit with two yellow balls. It really did not speak to me at all and I’m not surprised that it will sell for one of the smallest amounts.

I actually liked the Dutch artist Simon Maris’ oil illustration of pumpkins, grapes and elderberries. The painting is signed and may go for as little as seven hundred euros. Simon Maris lived from 1873 - 1935.

Another piece of art up for auction at the Christie’s in Amsterdam is a lithograph printed in colors from 1978. The artist is Bram van Velde and he signed his nymphet in reproduce. Bidding for this piece may go being high as sixteen hundred euros. This artist was very beggarly as a child. He first entered into an novitiate since a painter in 1907 in The Hague.

Heavier painting that is going to be auctioned off at Christie’s in Amsterdam this summer is a flower still life with chrysanthemums. This oil painting was painted by Willem Elisa Roelofs. He was from The Hague and his picture should vitality for about seventeen hundred euros.




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